Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nokia N80 - Your Mobile - Your Multimedia

Nokia have launched a complete place mass media web in its Normality series portfolio. Now, with the N80 mobile device, you can link other compatible devices such as as TVs, audio systems and PCs. Enjoy watching pictures and other materials on a big television or computer. Moreover, the device come ups packed with advanced productiveness tools – allowing users to maintain a perfect harmoniousness in and out of the office.

The Nokia N80 weighs 134g, a heavy phone, which is complemented by powerful characteristics such as as 3G rich multimedia, faultless connectivity and broadband velocity mobile Internet. Browse merriment characteristics and bask mobile life wherever you go. And with productiveness tools, pull off emails, breaker the Web and always remain in touching with the world, whenever and wherever you go.

The Nokia N80 come ups with an first-class 3.0 military policeman photographic camera – gaining control and share minutes with friends and household via millimeters and email. You can also take images in landscape mode. The device also come ups with CIF picture capturing characteristic combined with picture stabilization. Supported with 40MB of built-in memory plus miniSD memory card which can further be expanded up to 2GB, you can suit up to 1000 songs.

Nokia Normality series devices offering brilliant multimedia system characteristics and so the Nokia N80 . Supported with multiple music data file formattings such as as MP3, AAC, etc. you can download and listen to songs with ease. What's more, the device also come ups loaded with stereo system frequency modulation radiocommunication with ocular radiocommunication support – melody in and listen to all clip hit music. Additionally, the UPnP engineering enables you to link the telephone to a compatible PC.

With tri-band mobile web connectivity, the device allows you virtually link anywhere in the world. Connect and share information instantly with 3G and edge technologies. Also bask high velocity mobile Internet and remain updated with the up-to-the-minute news and information.

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