Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting The Most From Your Broadband Connection

So you signed up for your broadband connection which probably is DSL or Cable. Computer's all hooked up and the web pages are loading faster than ever before! Life is good on the information highway, but along comes a second desktop PC or laptop. Now what??? Easy! Just go online or down to your local electronics store like Bestbuy or Circut City and pick up a wireless router.

My personal favorite is D-Link, but Linksys, Buffalo, and Netgear will also do the job quite well. Once you get your wireless router it's time to set it up. From your DSL modem or Cable modem there will be an ethernet cable that plugs into the back of your PC into a ethernet port. Remove that end and plug it into the "WAN" port or "Internet" port on the back of your wireless router.

Next there should be another ethernet cable in the box that the router came in. Plug that into port one in the back of the wireless router(D-Link) and the other end into the ethernet port of your PC just like it was before you bought the router. Follow the setup wizard that walks you through making the connection plus securing the connection from unwanted intruders. Also if you do have a laptop chances are you'll see something pop-up on your desktop saying something like "wireless network detected". Whichever you have you'll now be able to share that broadband connection with your family.

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