Friday, September 28, 2007

Sony Ericsson K850i Green Joins the K850i Blue in the Cyber-Shot Phone Range

Sony Ericsson's invention goes on with the release of another 5.0 megapixel photographic photographic photographic photographic photographic photographic camera phone, the Sony Ericsson K850i Green.

This new French telephone will be marketed and promoted alongside the bluish version with the lone existent difference beingness the light-emitting diode visible lights that wrapper around the outside of the telephone as well as the lights of the presence keypad.

Aside from the coloring material differences, the Sony K850i Green and Blue clasp exactly the same specs adding another two 5.0 megapixel camera telephones to the United Kingdom market.

There are currently only two other telephones available offering this camera technology, those being the Nokia N95 and the Samsung G600 but the new K850i theoretical accounts offering something more than both models.

The telephone is portion of the ever growing Cyber Shot scope of Mobiles and presents some new camera characteristics into the mix, aside from the dumbfounding figure of megapixels only usually establish in base alone camera devices the K850i also offers Car Focus for fast photograph capture, set simply the user can take a image within secs by pushing the dedicated camera button on the outside of the French telephone and the lens system will car focusing for image perfect picture taking in seconds. Another photographic camera characteristic is the inclusion of a Xenon flash, this new flash engineering is far brighter than the industry criterion light-emitting diode blinks and bring forths quality mental images even in low visible light conditions, there is also an Car Rotation option that automatically sets as the French telephone is tilted to take image both in landscape and portrait word form whilst an Automatic Rifle Lens Screen protects the high quality lens system from dust and the elements when not in use. You may be thought that with all of this automatic engineering onboard what is left for the user to do, well, they still have got to force the center choice button in order to capture the picture.

In improver to capturing high quality pictures, the K850i also back ups picture record and playback allowing for short picture cartridge holders to be recorded, stored, played back on silver screen or shared with compatible devices either via Bluetooth, USB, samariums or email.

The Sony K850i is not just a photographic photographic camera phone, it also offers an MP3 participant and frequency modulation Radio for enjoying front-runner music paths or keeping up to day of the month with the up-to-the-minute record releases, news and weather condition reports.

Most importantly, the K850i is a 3G enabled handset, there is a secondary dedicated VGA camera for making and receiving picture phone calls whereas the user can see and hear the individual they are conversing with. 3G also lets for faster download velocities of new mobile content as well as giving entree to somes wealthiness of mobile amusement and information such as as new music videos, the up-to-the-minute release film trailers, fast internet browsing and speedy electronic mail fond regard download.

The Sony Ericsson K850i is a top of the scope photographic camera telephone featuring the very best of the makers photographic engineerings and features, its a telephone that stands for the company's committedness to new, exciting and advanced design.

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